New Years Resolution – My Weight Doesn’t Matter

My New Year’s Resolution for 2017 was not anything about losing weight but it was about my mindset revolving my body.

I don’t like to weigh myself but today when I went to the gym I did so that I wouldn’t be surprised at my upcoming doctors appointment.

When I stopped counting calories in January I knew that first month I gained a little bit of weight because my body was readjusting to eating an appropriate amount of calories again. Since then I have started to shed off some of the excess weight I gained. Along the way I had my times of discouragement but surprisingly stepping on the scale was not one of them.

Today when I weighed myself I weighed five pounds more than I expected and 10 pounds more than I wanted. I was genuinely surprised when I didn’t start self sabotaging myself with hateful names after this. I truly believe that making my new years resolution to be more body positive toward myself has started to transform my brain.

Here are some things I have learned

  • I am happier when I eat. There was a moment after I weighed myself that I debated eating my granola bar but I realized how hungry I was and I did anyway. I am coming into terms that starving myself and being thinner did not make me a better me. I don’t hate grabbing a snack in between meals anymore. I look forward to dinner because I didn’t planned it out the night before to make sure I saved enough calories for the meal.
  • I have more stamina. I now bike 45minutes a few times a week and I used to not be able to do that. 30 minutes used to be my maximum. Being in a family who has had heart issues in the past this is very important to me to do cardio.
  • I can lift more. Enough said, some healthy gains.
  • Giving yourself compliments is not a bad thing. When I feel down at the gym or at home I give myself a compliment and change my attitude. If doing this for only the past two months has given me an increased amount of pride, imagine how many less insecurities I would have if I had started early in my life.

This is why my weight didn’t bother me — because I have gained so much more than a couple of pound.


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