Did I gain weight?

It’s February but warm enough to wear shorts. So naturally I wanted to try on some of my summer clothes. The results were not my favorite. I slipped into my shorts only to realize they were a bit tight compared to when they were over the summer.

I was definitely discouraged and went straight to my mirror to look at my tummy and criticize my body. My mind raced to thinking that I needed to start counting calories again and started blaming myself for ever quitting in the first place. I thought of all the things I shouldn’t eat and regretted past choices.

But then I stopped and took a breath. I began to think positively.

Today I went to the gym and had a wonderful workout. Today I ate healthy (for the most part.) Today I walked around my campus.

I am healthy and I am happy.

Yes my shorts are a little tighter but my body is readjusting. In January I began to allow myself to eat as much as I needed. I’m still figuring out what my body needs without depriving it and that’s ok.

I am thankful that I have the ability to be active. I am grateful for having access to food whenever I need it. And I am happy with what my body has achieved over the years.

I couldn’t lift weights, run that long or even bike 9 miles in 30minutes a couple years ago. But now my friends often tell me how healthy and active I am. That is the biggest compliment someone could give me.

I am proud of myself. Sometimes I just to be reminded of that.


(Photo of me a couple years ago at the beginning stages of me learning to run)


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