Avocados are my Jam!

Avocados are one of the best things God gave us on Earth (besides dogs). I can’t explain why I like them, or even begin to tell what flavor they have. All I know is that they are wonderfully delicious.

Over the summer I went through a phase where I would eat at least half an avocado per day. Avocados are fresh, contain good fat and are healthy for you.

Here are some things I like to eat avocados with or on:

  1. Toast – spread some avocado on wheat or rye toast and top it with jam or cheese depending on the mood. Jam or jelly sounds like an odd combination but the sweetness mixed with the unique flavor of an avocado make your tastebuds dance. For cheese I prefer a strong sharp cheddar.
  2. Eggs – Scramble up some eggs and top them with avocado galore.
  3. Chips – I love slicing avocado onto sweet potato chips or just crackers. Either way the saltiness and crunch go perfectly with the smooth creaminess of the green dream (the avocado.)
  4. Guacamole – I don’t think this needs to be explained. But google some guac recipes online and through trial and error you’ll find what you like!
  5. Salad – Both are green. Both are fresh. Enough said.
  6. Smoothies? – I’ve recently got into green smoothies with kale and spinach. they are surprisingly good! Do people put avocados in smoothies though? Is that a thing?


My favorite guacamole recipe:

  • A couple of ripe avocados
  • Lime and lemon juice
    • I prefer more than others but start with a little and you can always add more
  • Half an onion chopped
  • Salt and pepper
    • Similar to the lemon and lime, I prefer less than others so I would start with a little and you can always add more
  • Leave it chunky
  • NO tomatoes!



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