First Time I Felt Fat

The first time I felt fat was in third grade after gym.

A lot of people don’t think children will remember things from when they are young but it definitely sticks.

We were lining up in our classroom ready for dismissal when I was standing next to a girl in my class. I wasn’t super close with her but at that age you were friends with everybody. She asked me what I had done during free time and then told me that she and a few other girls had done sprints around the gym with a relay stick. She then went on to look at me, pat my stomach and tell me that I could have run with them and lost a couple pounds.

My heart sunk for a moment and I wanted to sink into my own skin. I laughed it off not knowing if it was a joke. Regardless if it was a joke or not, it was not funny to me it was hurtful.

For the rest of the day I was acting funny and my dad took notice. He asked me if anything was bothering me and I cried when telling him about the days events.

He gave me a hug and told me not to believe a word she said and that I was perfectly fine.

Even with this reassurance that was one of the first moments I lost my self confidence. As a third grader who knew it was possible for someone to hurt your body image??

My mom told me before I was born the number one thing she told my dad he couldn’t do was tell me I needed to lose weight or anything close to the matter. She wanted to protect me and help me always know I was beautiful.


(The photo above is of me from when I was a elementary school and clearly a skinny little nine-year-old)


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