Hi all!

My name is Noelle and this blog is for me to tell you why body positivity is important to me and how I got to this point because I wasn’t always like this.

In the past couple of years I became conscious of my health, what I was eating and how I was exercising. It started off well helping me lose a couple of pounds but it soon became an obsession.

I counted calories everyday for two years and made sure that I would even out to only consuming 1700 calories. If I ran and burned 300 calories that day I would let myself eat 2,000 and nothing else. You get the point.

When my anxiety increased a large amount so did my insecurities. I would often cry about my body and feel inadequate to others. I wasn’t skinny enough, I wasn’t fit enough or I ate too much.

When I started college I would eat two salads a day only consuming about 1,300 calories. It got to the point where it made me nauseous just thinking about the spinach and dressing mixed together.

So this semester I decided to end all of that. I want to love myself. No more squeezing any fat on my body. If I am feeling down about something at the gym I find something that I love about myself. If I’m hungry I eat.

No more hiding. I will love myself for me.


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