To My Future Daughter

Sometime during my first semester of college I kept wanting to change my mindset and feel good about myself. However, it wasn’t until winter break that I finally decided to make the change.

I remember one day I was going through my usual routine for a break at home. And I started to feel bad about myself. I don’t know exactly what I did that day but I know I did some sort of exercise and ate pretty healthy yet I still wasn’t happy.

But that’s when it struck me that I knew I couldn’t do this forever. I could picture my future and didn’t want to be a mom that couldn’t eat a normal meal with her children. And most importantly I didn’t want my future daughter to grow up and see herself like me as well.

I want to eat cake on my children’s birthday without feeling guilty.

I want to eat pasta with sauce on it.

I know that my children will be beautiful, but what kind of mom would I be if I couldn’t see myself as beautiful.


So here’s to my mom. Someone who is always there for me when I need her. She is someone beautiful inside and out. Someone I look up to and always have. My mother is someone who is constantly making sure I know that I am beautiful and shouldn’t think anything else.

If I can be just a sliver of her to my children I would be grateful.


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